Prive Teck House & Teckno party με το Thessboat 1/8 ανοιχτά του Παγασητικού!

Το Σάββατο 1 Αυγούστου 2020 στις 11 το βράδυ διοργανώνεται prive party 120 ατόμων αυστηρά στα ανοιχτά του Παγασητικού με το Thessboat.

Από τις 12 το βράδυ έως και τις 5 το πρωί θα ταξιδέψουμε καλωσορίζοντας τον Αύγουστο με μουσικές Teck House & Teckno και θα το ξημερώσουμε χορεύοντας με τον καλύτερο μουσικό τρόπο!

Line up:
Koskiloski a.k.a Loko*G.
Joel Bautista

Ένα πάρτι για λίγους ...εν πλω στα νερά του Παγασητικού!

120 Limited tickets
Έναρξη - Επιβίβαση: 23:00 - 00:00
Αναχ/ση- Επιστροφή: 00:00 - 5:00

Είσοδος 10€ + μπίρα.

Προπώληση εισιτηρίων

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Τηλ. επικοινωνίας για ενημέρωση διάθεσης εισιτηρίων: 698 146 8641.

George Koskiloski, Leonidas Deliyannides και Joel Bautista


George Koskiniotis also known as Loko G. was born in Athens in 1985 but 2 years later he moved to Volos. His first contact with music was with a guitar, given to him as a birthday gift in 1998. 

In the beginning he was playing his own melodies and a year later he took lessons at the conservatoire. As a teenager, his music influences were something intermediarily electronic and live music beginning from techno, electro, breaks, rock, punk, up to rap and low bap. In 2003 he made his first step in the world of mixing by buying his first professional cd players and mixer. 

Next year he began mixing in a local coffe-bar, while at the same time he organised private parties all around Greece. By the time he finished high school and for the following 3 years he made a turn into music production studying programs, sound engineering and acoustics. In the dues of 2007, he moved to Thessaloniki to study music technology and sound engineering. 

He mixed with local djs as Tash, Toni Manga, Minitech, Darktom, George Adi, Enormous Dee, Tony G., Bizzare, Domenik Mahtz, Bass.Ment, Kosta Kane, Damcase, Aino, Ascii, Kay Month and Lectrucce around local clubs like Decadence, Zenit, Volt, Woo, Monkey etc. 

One year later, his path brought him into live electronics. He experimented a lot combining samplers and midi controlers with nature instruments such as gongas and bongos. In 2009 he joined Technognosia team in various clubs in Athens and in the remainder region as Cariocas, Astron, Almodobar, Artistico and All Bar. 

He has also shared the booth with M.A.N.D.Y, Dr Lektroluv, Max Cooper, Siopis, Day Din, G-Pal, Gus & Bonso, Manolaco, John Tsamis, Beat Syndrome.

Στο χώρο θα εφαρμόζονται όλα τα απαραίτητα υγειονομικά μέτρα σύμφωνα με το πρωτόκολλο.

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